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Take your life back into your own hands

and become your own guru.

From the very beginning, we're told who we are and what we have to do. We're raised according to rules, opinions, and the norms of the society. According to all the things that everybody does. But is what everyone says is good for you, actually good for you? Well, who are you and what lies within you?


"Knowledge is power" they say and knowledge about yourself is self-empowerment. Because how much power would you have over your own life if you knew exactly how you tick and make decisions? How would it be to know what talents and potentials lie within you and how you live your best life in harmony with yourself? How about finding out what you actually want? Take your life back into your own hands and enjoy this exciting adventure.


Human Design can do exactly this, and was the last piece of the puzzle I was allowed to integrate into my life. And wow...what a tool. It explains so much about you and in your life. It is your unique blueprint. It shows you how to make your life more fulfilling, but also where your roadblocks are and what to watch out for in life to stay balanced. This knowledge combined with introspection is the key to more self-confidence, self-awareness and self-empowerment. It shows you that you are good the way you are. 

And now it's your turn
and I ask you... long already... you still want to be ignorant in your life?

...doubt yourself and believe that you are not right? after the crowd, because everybody does it that way?

...feel small and insignificant?

... closing your eyes to what lies within you?

... do you finally want to...

...get to know yourself much better?

...understand why you can do some things and not others?

...know how to make better decisions?

...get more self-confidence and self-awareness? your purpose in life and what you should bring into the world?

... and much more?

Continue your adventure.

Discover yourself and what lies within you.

Below you have a lot of options to get to know yourself better with Human Design. If you don't find what you are looking for, or you don't know what is right for you, please book a free consultation, because I'd love to help you find what is right for you. Human Design is so valuable and I think everyone should learn more about themselves to gain more self-confidence, self-awareness and self-empowerment.

Get your free Chart.

 Is it the first time you hear about Human Design and you're curious to see what your chart looks like?


  • Enter your email below and you'll receive the link where you can calculate your chart for free.

  • You need these data: Date of birth - Time of birth - Place of birth

  • Attention: It is important that you know the exact time of your birth, because any difference can lead to a wrong chart and give incorrect results. If you don't have a time or you are in doubt, please ask at the registry office in the city where you were born.

Human Design Awakening

You've had a look at your free chart and now you feel the need to learn more about yourself. Then the Awakening-Session is perfect for you. It lets you dive deeper and discover even more things about yourself.

  • 90min 1:1 Reading online with: 

    • Your energy type (what kind of energy you have and how to live in harmony with it)

    • Your authority (how to make the right decisions)

    • Your profile (how you walk your path)

    • Your defined and undefined centers, their meaning and learning areas

  • Time for your questions.

250,- € incl. VAT

Human Design Rising

You've done the Awakening session and you just want more. Your soul wants more. With the Rising-Session you dive even deeper and discover which abilities and talents you have and what your life theme is.

  • 90min 1:1 Reading online with:

    • Your channels (your unique skills)

    • Your gates (your strengths)

    • Your life theme or themes

  • Time for your questions.

250,- € incl. VAT

Human Design Evolution

Just because you know the way, doesn't mean you've walked it. That's the same with the knowledge about Human Design. You are allowed to start integrating it into your everyday life. The Evolution Session supports you on a special topic in your life at the moment and helps you integrate Human Design in your day to day life.

This session is for those who already have a reading behind them and really want to get into the application.

  • 90min 1:1 Mentoring online with:

    • Support and inspiration for a current life topic (personality, career, partnership) that is very important to you.

  • Time for your questions.

250,- € incl. VAT

Human Design Synergy

Sometimes I don't understand my partner. Be it your partner in private or in professional life. Understanding our counterpart brings so much harmony into the relationship and is so valuable for a happy and free life. Human Design makes this possible and has also made my relationship much more harmonious, easier and more understanding.

Reading together with your partner

  • 90min 1:1 Reading online with:

    • Your energy types and centers (who needs what)

    • Your authority (how you can make optimal decisions together)

    • Your profile (your ways)

    • Your common talents

    • Your complementary gates.

600,- € incl. VAT

"No one can tell you what to do.

The answer lies within yourself. Discover it."

Kerstin Butz

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