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Find and live

your unique magic.

ME Time is an intensive journey to yourself, your desires, dreams and visions and your deep inner truth. 


In ME Time we practice Holistic Life Design. Here I show you how to overcome your stress, frustration and the feeling of being stuck and lost. I help you to get the most out of your life and feel more happy, free and yourself again and live a self-determined, fulfilled and purposeful life.


And I am absolutely the right person to guide you, because I've been there too. At the end of 2016, I felt disoriented, lost, dissatisfied, desperate AND I also had a severe back pain that pulled me down even more. I researched things like "how can I change my life", "how can I become happy again", "how can I find my purpose", "what should I do" and so on.


And now, after a few years, a lot of trial and error, learning, laughing, and a number of AHA moments later, I've found my CLARITY and YES, I feel more happy, free, and more myself than ever before. I am truly living a self-determined, fulfilled life that is meaningful to me. 


And I know you can do this too. The „ME Time" helps you to get clarity inside and out, to imagine and envision your life and also to find your purpose. This program shows you how to finally find and live your magic.

And now it's your turn

and I ask you... long already...

...are you at a point where something has to change? you feel that something is still hidden inside of you that wants to come out?

...are you looking for change, but don't know how & where to start?

...are you looking for a light that shows you the way?

... do you finally want to...

...experience a change and not just dream about it?

...find and live your path and your possibilities? yourself again and listen more to your intuition?

...take your life into your own hands and create it the way you like it?

...transform yourself and simply get the best out of your life?

This is how you get the best

out of your life.

"Who Am I?" - Part 1 - Change your "outside" to feel 100% good.


Changing my "outside" has changed my whole life and still does. There is a universal law: "As inside so outside, as outside so inside". This means that your home, your office, your environment, everything in your "outside" absolutely affects you, your well-being and your entire life. In this part we will bring lightness and clarity to your "outside" so that you can feel that way too.

"Who am I" - Part 2 -

Discover your "inner self",

to be yourself again.


And how does it work? It's very simple. I only need your birthday, your birth time and also the birth place. And then you'll get your Human Design Reading, with which you'll get to know yourself so much better. You'll find out what kind of energy you have and how to live in harmony with yourself, how to make the right choices and how to walk your path. You'll discover your unique abilities, strengths AND, if you want, your purpose in life.

"What do I want and where do I want to go?"
Your vision, your future.


"What do I want and where do I wanna go?" Yes, these are the right questions in this part. And based on your Human Design, we work together on your vision. This can be a personal vision and/or also your professional vision. This part is so much fun and brings some more insights. You'll enjoy it.

Happy and free until the end of your life -

Live your design.

You can learn as much as you want, but if you don't integrate it into your everyday life, it's useless. And that's why, of course, you need an integration part where you learn how to implement everything you've learned AND how to make not only your life, but your home, an ally in everything you want to achieve. And you're learning this not just for now, but for your future. FOREVER.


journey beginn.

Let the

  • 4 modules

  • 9 weeks intensive support with 7 x 90-120min Video Call (via Zoom)

  • Week 1-5, 7 & 9 > One call per week.

  • 9 weeks direct contact via WhatsApp (Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm).

  • Extensive Workbooks.

  • Human Design Awakening + Rising

  • Inspiration & ideas from HAPPY.FREE.HOME.

  • Individual Crystal Guide.

  • and much more.

NOTE: To get the most out of the workbooks, you should download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free here.

€ 1.800,- incl. VAT
"The definition of insanity is,

doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."


Albert Einstein

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