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Create a home,

where you can feel 100% good,
enjoy and unwind.

To start in the "outside" is easy, immediately doable and the results quickly visible. "Less is more", and "as inside, so outside, as outside, so inside" are two guiding principles that guide me every day and you'll also get to know and feel their power over and over again when we work together.

Minimalism, letting go and decluttering helped me to bring a lot of clarity and lightness into my life and to rediscover myself. With Feng Shui I transformed our home into an ally and a best friend that supports me in attracting my desires and goals into my life.

For me, both minimalism and Feng Shui are tools for personal development. Because honestly, how do you feel in your home? I find this question very important cause your home absolutely influences you if you feel good and if you can be yourselves. It also affects whether you have an easy life or a more complicated and stressful one, and whether you can develop yourself personally or fall behind.

I never thought that changing my home could change my life this way too, but it did and still does. Try it for yourself and take the next step in your personal development.

And now it's your turn
and I ask you... long already... you wake up every morning and your day starts with chaos and stress? you feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed with everything? you feel only heaviness and no joy in your home? you feel like you're looking at life only from the outside?

... do you finally want to...

...feel light, clear and full of energy?

...feel joy and pleasure every day?

...have more time and space for yourself again?

...make your life easier and more stress-free?

...feel 100% good in your home?

...have a home that supports you in everything?

Start your adventure.

Change your environment and begin your journey to your personal transformation.

Clarity & Lightness

"Clarity & Lightness" is an online course combined with a extensive workbook on letting go/decluttering. This is how I changed our house from very very full to clear, light and uncluttered.

Letting go/decluttering is a process and with this course, you can move at your own pace and enjoy each step for as long as you like.

Transform your home and get more space, clarity, lightness, time and as a bonus more of yourself again.


  • 3 modules in 26 small videos (about 2.5h) with ideas, inspirations, tips and tricks.

  • Extensive, interactive workbook as PDF for writing and/or printing.

  • 2 bonus videos with optimization tips.

  • Telegram group for sharing and questions.

coming soon.

HAPPY.FREE.HOME. is a 1:1 online program over four weeks that combines minimalism with the best of the 3000 year old teachings of Feng Shui. 

It is the start of your journey to a home where you feel 100% good and can be yourself. A home that supports you and is always there for you. A home that makes your life easier and less stressful, giving you more time, space, freedom and joy. A home where you can find and live your magic.



  • 1:1 online program over 4 weeks with 4x 90min calls via Zoom (if desired also with recording). 

  • Extensive workbooks as PDF for writing and/or printing on the topics:

  • More clarity and lightness in your home with excerpts from the "Clarity & Lightness" online course.

  • Analogies between your home and you and how to design it optimally so that it supports you.

  • "Problem areas" in your home and solutions for them.

  • Bonus: 90min follow up call after 4-8 weeks.

  • Telegram group to share and ask questions.

500€ incl. VAT 

"A home in which you feel good

is a home where you can be YOURSELF."

Kerstin Butz

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