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It's important to remember

that we all have magic in us."


J.K. Rowling

Hello again :) happy that you' re here. I'm Kerstin and I love adventures, learning and experiencing new things, doing DIY stuff, going into nature with my dog and exploring the essence of people and bringing out the best of them.


In 2016 I was completely disoriented and searching…but for what actually? I was pissed, stressed and my body manifested all this in incredible back pain (herniated discs & Black Disk with osteoarthritis) and that at 35 years. And since then I' m on my path of my personal development.

And my journey started with minimalism. Through this and the letting go of all my ballast, so much lightness and clarity came back into my life. 

By thinking about what should stay in my life and what not, I developed a sense for myself again and what I actually wanted in my life. Underneath all the ballast, my self appeared again.After that, I was trained as a holistic nutritionist, Feng Shui consultant, Personal Coaching and, the best comes at the end, and this is Human Design.

And now I am here for you.

As a double Scorpio (zodiac sign and ascendant) I love to go deep, to explore things and discover correlations and through my birth planet Pluto, which stands for dying-and-becoming-processes, I' m a really good companion for the deep dives in life and I always bring out a positive point of view, so that the path doesn't become too hard.

Finding solutions and ways and optimizing things lies in my blood, as well as choosing the right healing crystals for you and your rooms.

And as a Generator 4/6 in Human Design I love to get a different view on things, to motivate you, and to give you all my knowledge so that you can move forward and also bring more happiness, freedom and more of yourself into your life.


With this I want you to get the best out of your life and simply live more easily and consciously.


for you.

My magic

since 2008: Communication and Photo Designer

since 2008: Self-employed as advertising photographer (international)
since 2019: Consultant for holistic health
since 2019: Feng Shui consultant
since 2019: Space Healer

since 2021: Further education by Joe Dispenza, Marie Forleo, Tony Robbins and many more.

since 2022: Personal Coaching

since 2022: Human Design Reader 

since 2022: Following my soul mission with HAPPY.FREE.ME.

"Let`s grow and evolve together."

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