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Who am I?

What do I want?

How do I start?

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Hey, I`m Kerstin,


unshakable optimist, animal & nature fan, cozy minimalist, coach and mentor.

Let's be honest, how are you? I mean really? And I don't wanna hear that typical answer that says "fine" although you're just not fine. It's nothing physical, right? It's more of an inner anxiety, a dissatisfaction, and maybe a restlessness that's leading you here.

You are at a point where you're looking for a change in life, either personally, professionally, or both.

And you just know, "I CAN`T GO ON LIKE THIS."

But where and how do you start? And where should it lead you?


That's exactly how I felt at the end of 2016. I felt disoriented, lost, dissatisfied, desperate AND I had a severe back pain which made me even more miserable. And now, after a few years, a lot of trial and error, learning, laughing and a lot of AHA moments later, I have found CLARITY and I feel happier, freer and more myself than ever before. I now live a self-determined, fulfilled and purposeful life.

And you can have this too.


Work with me and take the shortcut. If you no longer see the forest because of the trees, I'd be happy to be your lighthouse who shines the way to your transformation.

„I help open-minded and change seeking people,

go from feeling disoriented, frustrated, stressed, kinda lost or stuck

and searching for their way and also their purpose in life,

to CLARITY, lightness, energy, awareness and envisioning their life

so that they feel more happy, free and themselves again and

live a self-determined, fulfilled and purposeful life.“



The HAPPY.FREE.ME. Method is a holistic life design program in which I show you how to overcome your stress, frustration and the feeling of stuck and lost. I help you how to get the best out of your life and feel more happy, free and yourself again and live a self-determined, fulfilled and purposeful life.

>>> Click here for more information about this program.

I want you to...

...get more clarity, lightness and freedom in your life,

...get to know yourself so much better and discover your potentials, find new perspectives and ways, personally and professionally,

...realize your passion and your purpose and achieve your goals,

... to grow personally and finally feel as if you have truly arrived,

...create an environment that supports you in everything and

...simply get the best out of your life and be fulfilled, happy, free and more yourself again.

"Are you really happy,
or are you just really comfortable?"



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